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At Ur Startup, you will get valuable knowledge on Business Startup Finance. As a Young Startup Founder, you are getting soo many difficulties. Here at Ur Startup, our main Motto is to provide you valuable and experienced knowledge that can help you in Ur Journey.

We are totally focused on you, are you focusing on Urself!



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“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen Hawking

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We here through this Forum (Blog and other media) are trying to pave a path by clearing the obstacles and doubts going through the minds of any beginner in the field of Business, Startup, and Finance. And also to help them to understand the uncanny aspects of it.  And keeping it as our supreme goal, we will be posting valuable content regarding Business, Financial, and Social knowledge.


As time passes the feed will also include Biographies, Case Studies, Interviews, Motivational and Inspirational content, and content on Personal Development. Also, we woke as the clock ticks down you all will keep Ur faith in us and we promise you that we will never let you down.

Here on this Platform, you will get Blog, Articles and News Related to (BSF) Business Startup Finance.

Remember Ur Startup Forum is a Community. Here at Ur Startup, you will learn new things about Business Startup and Finance. If the member of this community will need something they can simply ask for because Ur Startup promises to provide you every essential knowledge you need.  This Organization’s main Motto is to provide you the best essential knowledge possible. You can become a part of this wonderful journey and can connect with us for any aspect you need.

This not just a platform but a community to express the feeling which you want to express. There are many things happening in our life and from everything we learn something remarkable. So share your thoughts and we will try to publish it on any of our mediums and from Ur Experience we will try to make others learn. So, now you know what you can expect from us on this platform and what you can do too. We are trying to do our best you do yours and become an active member at Ur Startup Forum.

Always Remember Ur Startup is a community.

Ur Startup official website is urstartup.in and we don’t take responsibility for any other domain.

You can also Collaborate with us at [email protected]