You will get to know about the best topics to start youtube in 2020. There were too many niches in the market already and when youtube came in the market then everyone started to move in that platform with their topic. Even today if any platform comes with any new way of creativity and helps the creator to create content in a new way.

But if practically we talk about Youtube then it’s not that you created a new segment or profile for creators on their platform, Youtube has some fixed niche to choose but creators with their creativity create something new and people start liking it and then Youtube also recognize it as well. So this simply means that you need to create a content in which you are interested and you can create content at least for some time easily, remember it should be relevant to users and creative enough to be recognized. Be Regular to take advantage of the Youtube algorithm.

Best Topics for 2020


1. Law Advisory.

2. Student Topics of some niche.

3. Hindi Sanskrit Topics in Educational Purpose

4. GK & GS Explanatory Simple Video.

5. Live travel explore video and in detail explanation.

6. Career Advisory.

7. Time Management.

8. Discuss your Industry and Job which you do.

9. Job Interview Advice.

10. Book Summary.

11. Philosophy Explanation.

1. Drawing timelapse.

2. Role of a particular public servant.

3. Financial planning.

Best Topics to Start Youtube in 2020, ur startup,


1. Share you live in a video format and this doesn’t mean that you need to be fancy but really show your real life. The audience who will find you relevant will get connected with you easily.

2. Only share your professional life with your expertise in that field.

3. Draw my life videos are getting trendy but you have to find at least 30 video types before starting.

4. You can start a vlog where you will show others life for some time, it could be a day, a week or a month. What exactly they do in their life example:- the life of a CA for a month, the life of doctor, politician, etc.

5. Travel Vlogger in some kind of Niche, it could be placed, traveling type, mode of traveling, budget traveling, group traveling, cycle traveling, a bus traveling, a train traveling, a ship traveling, etc.

Live Game Streaming.

Stream game that you like to play, and any niche which you like to see as a viewer.

1. Make a niche in types of games you will play, mode of gaming.

2. Cheak new games in the market.

3. You can educate people on a particular game, how to pass on and how to win.

4. Game development.

Gifting Suggestion

Gift segment for every on according to budget, region, gender, occasion, interest, relationship type.

Best Topics to Start Youtube in 2020, ur startup,


Make a documentary video on any niche, kind, region, topic.

Beauty Industry

1. Share what you Bought.

2. What you like to buy.

3. Advice to a particular segment.

4. Show new ways to use a particular product effectively.

5. Routine advice.

6. Show how to make up for a particular occasion.

Health Video

1. On types of diet.

2. Veganism or anything related to it.

3. Gym tips or training.

4. Exercise training.

5. Yoga training.

6. Meditation guide.

7. Good food habits.

8. Talk on Nutrition.

Cooking Video

1. Healthy cooking.

2. Junk food.

3. Student cooking guide.

4. Simple cooking guide.

5. Traveling cooking guide.

6. Cooking guide for ingredients according to region, taste, type, etc.


1. Music recreation.

2. Music rewind.

3. Playback Music.

4. Top ringtones.

5. Top caller tunes.

6. No Copyright music.

7. Music Remix.

8. Music Meme.

Video for Content Strategy, for every niche type and region as well.

Best Topics to Start Youtube in 2020, ur startup,


1. News in Sports, politics, in any particular industry or niche.

2. Live reporting analysis.

3. News Meme.

4. Comedy News.

5. Business News.

6. Stock News.

7. Fashion News.

8. Automobile News.

9. Tech News.

10. Aviation News.


1. Restaurant Reviews.

2. Daily product review.

3. Tech product review.

4. Tech services review.

5. Place Review.

6. Experience Review.

7. Mode of traveling review on a particular review.

Lifehack video on ay topic niche or type.

Event Video

1. Behind the scene.

2. Event management.

3. After the event.

4. Tips for creativity.

Some topics which you can simply choose according to your field of interest.

Smart Phone Channel.

Trendy Channel.

Kid Education Channel.

Kids toy channel.

Reaction channel.

Public Reaction.

Job alert channel.

Government Scheme Channel.

Slowmotion video channel.

Timelapse video by creative common.

DIY Channel.

Tuition live Videos.

Dance training.

Magic Channel.

Parody Channel.

Home and office decor.

Biography Channel.

Case Study.

Stitching, weaving tutorial video.

Repairing Video Channel.

Baby Care channel.

Animation Tutorial.

Digital Marketing Niche Channel.

Youtube Video Community.

Roast Video.

Collage Review


Relationship Advice Channel.

Life Hack.


Offline business ideas.

Funny Video.

Alert Notification Channel on any kind of niche like- jobs, stock, etc.

Pets Channel.

Programing explanation Channel.

Educational Niche channel.

Vlogging Guide.

Software Tutorial.



Every field is good and growing but you have to choose between the type of content you want to watch and like to create as a creator. Doing this practice will help you to be consistent and creative.

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